When to use a title?

A Part 1 essay doesn’t need a title.

In Part 2, articles need titles. Look at any newspaper, magazine or their online equivalents. All their articles have a title. A title catches the reader’s eye and makes him or her want to read the article, the same as asking questions in the introduction.

But try to make it interesting. Let’s say you have to write an article about your favourite item of technology. You could choose a title such as My favourite item of technology or My iPhone. Both are fine – and better than no title at all – but it’s better if you use your imagination. Why I can’t live without my iPhone would be more dramatic, or My iPhone can do everything.

The same is true for reviews. Reviews in magazines and newspapers and online always have a title to attract the reader’s attention. Consider an exam question which asks you to review your favourite website. Again, a simple title – Wikipedia or My favourite website – is better than nothing, but a little creativity – Wikipedia knows everything or Which website has all the answers? – makes your review more interesting.

Just remember: start an article or review with an imaginative title.


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