What is a report?

A report is a formal piece of writing. Its target reader is usually someone important such as a school principal. A report asks you to write about a present situation, analyse it in some way and make recommendations about how to change or improve it in the future.   Advertisements

What is style?

When you write, you need to think about your register. In other words, how formal does your writing need to be? In addition, you need to think about your style as well as register. The two go together. For example, you always write a Question 1 essay for your teacher, so your register needs to … More What is style?

How informal is too informal?

Register is an invisible line: x————————————x———————————–x formal                        semi-formal                          informal When you write or speak in your language, you automatically choose your register. Speaking to a group of friends? Informal register. Writing a letter to a professor? Formal register. Sending a text message to your best friend? Informal register. You need to do the same … More How informal is too informal?